7 April 2015

Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura Tracklist 7th April 2015

Every track played on this week’s show, in no particular order:

“Brutha Voodoo Theme” by The Wiggly Tendrils

The Namecheck
"Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift &
"My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw

Other Aberdeens Are Available
"Evil Penguin (Frontline)" by Ballyhoo! from Aberdeen, Maryland

That's Not The News That's Not
"Ship Ahoy" by Marxman

Then & Now
"Ooh Stick You!" and "You And I Alone" by Daphne and Celeste

Chiptune of the Week
"My Only" by Mr Wimmer

The Rest!
"You No Cooking" by Captain and Monte Blanco
"Go On" by Paper Beat Scissors
"Westward Ho! Massive Let Down" by Half Man Half Biscuit
"Low Cunning" by The Teen Age
"Zen A" by Surf Rock is Dead
"Can't Have Them" by Hockey Dad
"Pineapple Sunburst" by Michael Parralax
"Step Brother City" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
"Citizen Zombie" by The Pop Group
"1999" by Active Child
"Bruises (Amethyrst)" by Elvis Depressdly
"When I Was Done Dying" by Dan Deacon
"Gloria" by Skint Eastwood
"Volcano" by Saycet
"Montreal" by Sally Fowler

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