24 May 2016

Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura Tracklist 24th May 2016

Every track played on this week’s show, in no particular order:

“Brutha Voodoo Theme” by The Wiggly Tendrils

The Namecheck
"Tom Waits" by Anouk &
"I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You" by Tom Waits

Other Aberdeens Are Available
"Human Garbage" by Aberdeen from Amherst, Massachusetts

That's Not The News That's Not
"Kevin Carter" by Manic Street Preachers

Then & Now
"Glamourizing Cigarettes" & "No One Likes You" by Scarce

Chiptune of the Week
"Cassis and Soda" by Ca5

The Rest!
"Do You Wanna Do Nothing With Me" by Lawrence
"Fault Lines" by Alcuna Wilds
"Shot To Hell" by Mark Mitten
"Bullet Head" by Fangclub
"Tree Of Life" by Funeral Suits
"Oh My" by Whistlejacket
"Paper Cats" by Seas, Starry
"One Track Mind" by Ethan Luck
"Lying in the gutter looking at the stars" by crx091081gb
"I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore" by Supercrush
"Punch*Mind*Happiness" by Happy Clover
"Movies on The Lawn" by Maps & His Mothball Fleet
"Nervous Man" by Jack Credo
"Give In To Hollow" by LED Pornstar
"Skeleton Shoes" by Octaves of Octocracy
"Mickey Elsewhere" by The Velveteen Circuit

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