5 July 2016

Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura Tracklist 5th July 2016

Every track played on this week’s show, in no particular order:

“Brutha Voodoo Theme” by The Wiggly Tendrils

The Namecheck
"Bob Dylan Dream" by Against Me!
"The Times They Are a-Changin'" by Bob Dylan

Other Aberdeens Are Available
"The Wings of Inginuity" by The Loom of Time from Aberdeen, Australia

That's Not The News That's Not
"I Want To Punch Nigel Farage" by Jack Reynolds

Then & Now
"Sparky's Dream" & "I'm In Love" by Teenage Fanclub

Chiptune of the Week
"Bean" by External

The Rest!
"Solar Powered Hula Girl" by Shackled Mule
"20 Things To Do Before You're 30" by MJ Hibbett & The Validators
"Reptiles" by Et Tu Bruce
"Just A Copy" by Zombie Apocalypse Now!
"C'Mon It's My Life" by Love Psychedelico
"アストリー" by BLNTSDE
"Slime Time Live" by Ian Sweet
"Held In Thought" by Band of Rascals
"System Failure" by Sean Armstrong
"Chase Another Dream Away" by Andy Green
"We Were Young Once" by Hurrah A Bolt Of Light
"Age of Panic DJ Awe Remix" by Senser
"The Beach IS Not A Scary Place (Unless You Think Too Much About It)" by Pail And Shovel
"Coming Out Wrong" by Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously
"Upside Down" by Aisles
"Nessie Moon" by Guitar Wolf

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