15 August 2017

Brutha Voodoo’s Playlist Obscura Tracklist 15th August 2017

Every track played on this week’s show, in no particular order:

“Brutha Voodoo Theme” by The Wiggly Tendrils

The Namecheck
“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child
“Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor

The Irregular Feature: #StopCollaborateandListen
“Big Bang” by The Doubleclicks featuring Jonathan Coulton

That's Not The News That's Not
“(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang” by Heaven 17

Then & Now
“Euphoria” & “Body” by Loreen

Brother Bill’s Obscura Flashback
“The New Dictator” by Low Fun

Chiptune of the Week
“Dolphin AF” by Kubbi

The Rest!
“Sugarbox” by Dronningen
“Gravity Pulls Me Down” by Benbo
“The Boy Whose Body Became The Floor” by Peter Adams
“Dead Ends and Muscle Cars” by American Goner
“Fighting For A Broken Heart” by Ben Foerg
“Caustic Wit” by Kapil Seshasayee
“Dance! Cure Philosophy” by Sumire Uesaka
“You Coward” by Endless Heights
“Spell” by Blue Of Noon
“In Reference To Your Reference” by Brian Franklin and The Father Figures
“Hibernation” by Bath Path
“Black Cloud” by The Wagner Logic
“Blood Sciences” by Eggshell Goblin
"Friends" by Terror Pigeon ft Kat Porter
“Gold Volvo” by Dan Rico

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