11 February 2015

Important Update

If you didn't catch all the announcements from last night's Playlist Obscura, let me supply you with an abridged checklist:
* Next week's show is the 1 year Anniversary of Brutha Voodoo's Playlist Obscura on ShmuFM! There will be cake.
* Regular features "International Tour of Music", "Stop, Collaborate & Listen" and "The Relatively Interesting Feature" have been retired.
* New regular features announced! "The Namecheck" where we play a song named after a musical act, then then act the song was named after and "Other Aberdeens Are Available" where we play a song by a band from an Aberdeen outside Scotland.
* Other new features may also materialise.
* From now on Playlist Obscura will be 2 hours non-stop, every week. We are news free!
Join us for the party next Tuesday. Suggestions for the new features welcome. Did I mention there will be cake?

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