23 August 2016

Brutha Voodoo’s Playlist Obscura Tracklist 23rd August 2016

Every track played on this week’s show, in no particular order:

“Brutha Voodoo Theme” by The Wiggly Tendrils

The Namecheck
"Be My Yoko Ono" by Barenaked Ladies
"Walking On Thin Ice" by Yoko Ono

Other Aberdeens Are Available
"Streets of Aberdeen" by Hellbound Glory from Aberdeen, Washington

That's Not The News That's Not
"What's Beef" by Baba Brinkman feat Bill Nye

Then & Now
"Something For The Weekend" & "Catherine The Great" by The Divine Comedy

Chiptune of the Week
"Plasma Luna" by Petriform

The Rest!
"Get Out Of The City" BY A. Sinclair
"Hola Havana" by CosmoMoose
"You Felt Right" by K.Flay
"Old Familiar Feeling" by Murdock Swales
"Marz Attaqz" by Bad Mary
"Counting Sheep" by Jen Gloeckner
"A Song For When The Rain Comes" by Dirty Rookers
"XO" by Anna Elizabeth Laube
"Misterio" by Hideki Gotoh
"Bliss" by Red Sleeves
"Consider This" by The Loveless Estate
"Well Dressed/Well Adjusted" by UT Kirin
"I Want To Live My Rashiku" by Little Glee Monster
"Vimto" by Toast of Botswana
"Live Alive" by iFollow
"Keep Moving" by Moël

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